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OpenIcar Platform — SUTP

A utility connection management information system

A utility connection management information system is designed to automate business processes involved in managing connections of power-receiving equipment to the electricity mains of the interregional distribution grid companies (IDGC) comprising Rosseti, the world’s biggest power company transmitting and distributing electricity

SUTP supports company’s business processes and offers the following breakdown of a utility connection process:

  • Registering appeals in the information system
  • Attaching new documents
  • Making up and finalizing specifications
  • Approving specifications
  • Making up and finalizing a contract
  • Approving the contract
  • Signing the contract at the IDGC’s
  • Registering the response to the applicant
  • Monitoring the performance of the contract
  • Registering the acceptance of work done
  • Monitoring payments from the applicant

SUTP features the following:

  • An authorized access to the documents stored in the central data storage, which is a joint information centre supporting the technological connection of power receivers belonging to individuals and legal entities to IDGC of Urals’ electrical grid.
  • Adding and editing documents stored in the data repository
  • Generating digital printable documents and management accounting statements using the files stored in the data repository
  • Compliance with the procedures outlined in the regulations
  • Monitoring the performance of obligations under contracts
  • Calculation features (to be developed)
  • Support for major construction projects (to be developed)

Major Users of SUTP